Looking for international clients? 👀

I’ve got your back.

Nice to meet you! I’m Cameron 🤝

I’ll help deliver your message loud and clear to an English-speaking audience.

As a freelance translator born and raised in the UK, I’ll make it my mission to turn your French and Spanish content into clear, natural-sounding English text.

I’ll comb through dictionaries, thesauruses, webpages, manuals and other trusted sources to find just the right word to reproduce the style and substance of your original text.

And, what’s more, I’ll have it in your inbox right on time!

French-English dictionary open on translation of "focus"

It’ll feel like there was no translator involved at all, and that’s exactly how I like it.

So whether it is in Spanish or French, whether it’s a textbook, workbook, map or product label, thanks to your new English text you’ll be more than equipped to explore new markets and attract new customers!

Sound good?

Come find me at cameron.cairney@gmail.com
or give me a call on +447527 270430.